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Artist 2 Watch: Alyxx Dione

Alyxx Dione is an R&B singer/songwriter/actress who is beginning to make a name for herself in the industry. After graduating high school, Alyxx immediately moved to Los Angeles to pursue her calling as an entertainer. She was originally in a few different girl groups, none of which survived. Alyxx did however take a lot from the process of being in and out of girl groups. She got to meet and work with some huge players in the game like Jan Smith (acclaimed vocal coach), Mike Caren (Atlantic), Monte Lipman (Universal Republic), Ron Fair, and Babyface, among others. Alyxx also got to record and write in some of the most iconic studios, such as Westlake Studios in Beverly Hills, where Michael Jackson recorded “Thriller”. All of these experiences were imperative in pushing her towards her dreams and goals that had been set out. Expect big things from this multi-talented artist in the near future.


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Artist 2 Watch: Kavale

Born in 1991, KAVALE grew up in Toronto at a time when the city itself was coming of age. Kavale’s musical start was in a school choir, but he was a kid raised on Biggie, Tupac, Nas and Jay-Z. That vocal contrast, that mixture of melody and rhythm, classic and modern, infused his work from the start. His music aims to inspire, to translate his emotions and implant them in the listener. Kavale is riding the crest of another wave of young artists itching to prove themselves, hungry to take the next step and bring their songs to the world. His new EP, Genius, drops September 2014, preceded by the first single, “Caught Up.

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Producer 2 Watch: Andru

Introducing Andru to the A&R Report. Hailing from Montreal Canada, the promising 20 years old Trap/EDM producer is definitely one to watch. He started producing at the age of thirteen and he’s been riding solo since, the independent way. Andru released a couple of remixes on his soundcloud page and the plays went through the roof. His version of Wonder by Adventure Club gained a million plays combined on soundcloud and EDM networks in 3 months only.

He recently performed at the IleSoniq festival in Montreal 2 weeks ago along with  household names like Tiesto, The Chainsmokers and many more. The young producer also told us that IleSoniq was a great learning experience since he had to perform in front of a large crowd for the first time.  Andru is also working on very special projects with Stwo, Adventure Club, Andrea, Daktyl and Candyland. Stay tuned for new single releases with the coming weeks.

Article by Stevie White

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The Flower Child with the cool earthy vibe, Introducing from Brooklyn New York, 23 year old Nitty Scott MC. She brings the chill with her poetic style of rap in her newest album that was released in May titled “The Art of Chill”. Nitty Scott is an independent artist who brings a new look to hip-hop with her refreshing sound. Nitty Scott MC is a dope lyricist and a skilled rapper with ambitious. Check out her single from “The Art of Chill” Knowbody Knows Prod. By Bigg Dre.

Nitty Scott MC

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Artist 2 Watch: Dillon Cooper

Dillon Cooper first caught my attention last summer with the release of his mix tape “Cozmik” a collection of 17 songs that showcased the young Brooklynite with an ability to deliver a myriad of songs with both substance and diversity. A mix tape that boasts samples from hip hop legends Mobb Depp “Survival of the fittest”  and Outkast’s mega hit  “Ms. Jackson” is no easy task when taking the chance to incorporate yourself in already established hits, and yet where most rappers fall short Dillion respectfully holds his own. Dillon attacks the mic in his delivery with control over his flow that show signs of both poise and confidence. “Cozmik” is the first body of work put out by the young artist, but he has steadily been growing his following since 2009 with a youtube channel that is quickly approaching 30,000 subscribers and just under 5.5 million views.

Since the release of his Mix Tape Dillion has stayed busy continuing to build his fan base through live shows and new music. Last Sunday he played the Street Life Block Party in Munich, Germany along side fellow legendary artists Ghostface Killah and Dilated Peoples. His recently released video for his song “TDK” (The Dark Night) was released last month and is a sure sign of the young artists growth and hope of longevity in the game. Dillion is an independent artists signed to the Boston Based label, Amalgam Digital. Check out his video for “TDK” below.

Twitter: @TheDillonCooper

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Artist 2 Watch: KENDALL

Kendall “Dahhling” is heading towards a future of stardom. Well over halfway through 2014, Kendall should surely be on your radar of R&B ladies to watch. She has a voice so tender that it’s almost addicting; soft, sultry, sweet, powerful and all things in between. Kendall was discovered at the tender age of 16 after some executives over at Atlantic caught wind of her incredible talents on a Facebook post. Since then, Kendall has been spending much of her time in the studio writing, recording and perfecting her craft in preparation of her upcoming debut EP. It will be impossible for her talents to go unheard.

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